5 Ways To Use Yoga Sandbags In Your Yoga Practice

You already know that you have to wear comfortable clothes to do yoga and you need a yoga mat. But very few individuals keep their attention to the things placed here and there in the yoga place. Well, have you seen it? But you feel like it is only for newbies. But it is not so.

People doing yoga for a long time also take help from these things. So that they can practice the mudra well. A sandbag is one such thing that helps you to practice yoga asanas well. Yoga expert Meenakshi Bhatt explains how sandbags improve your yoga practice. So do yoga in order to get a sexy waist and see the difference yourself.

Importance of Yoga Sandbags

As the name implies, these exercise tools are bags made of cloth or other woven material filled with sand. The fabric material is usually coated with a material that keeps dust and other particles from falling into the bag. Bags, often used as soft weights, are utilized by people, and they are placed on targeted areas of the body part depending upon the amount of stretch and the muscle group used. Yoga sandbags can help any fitness enthusiast, professional, or beginner quest for fitness and health.

These bags are very vital for increasing your muscle strength and tone. Those who utilize them in their yoga poses actually tend to see results faster than those who don’t use them while holding yoga poses. You become firm and dexterous in yoga asanas by using a yoga sandbag during yoga.

Similarly, good stretching is also done due to the heavy load on a particular part of your body. For example, if you have put a sandbag on your stomach or chest, you will be able to bring back the shape of this part. Also, you will be able to keep more focus on your breathing pattern while utilizing it.

Similarly, stretching the hamstrings and the lower part of the legs and foot will also be done. Yoga sandbags can be used in any kind of yoga to supplement your system’s weight for speedier results. When put between a person’s thighs, sandbags give weight to the extended stretch, particularly during Virasana or other poses.

Here are several ways to include sandbags in your yoga practice: –

  • In Baddha Konasana, bring the heels of your feet close and place a yoga sandbag near the knees. In this way, the muscles of your hips and inner thighs will be able to open up.
  • While practising Balasana yoga posture, place a sandbag on the lower part of your back, i.e. near the waist and relax.
  • While doing Dandasana, keep a sandbag near your waist and thighs. This will help in keeping your spine straight.
  • During Viparita Karani Mudrasana, ask a friend to place a sandbag on your foot to give you extra support
  •  After coming to the comfortable posture of Shavasana, you can place the sandbag between your thighs.