Top 5 Things To Know About Screen Printing T-Shirts Services

customized clothing or screen printing

Do you ever wonder how these companies print your clothing? Do you want to get customized clothing or screen printing on tshirts? If your answer is yes, then you’re at the right place. In this guest post, we’ll discuss things that you should know about screen printing services.

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What is Screen Printing?

It’s one of the methods used to print designs onto garments or posters. In this process, we use stencils on a surface through a screen. The stencil allows the color to travel through the holes.

Different colors require different stencils. We place the screen over a surface. Then pour ink over the stencils and wipe the extra ink.

When creating a multi-color design, the stencils are stacked over each other.

How Long The Print Lasts?

The screen printing design can go on for years and years. You can take care of few things to keep the design fresh:

  • Don’t wash the clothes harshly
  • Wash clothes with cold water
  • Don’t use a hot dryer

The life of the design also depends on the ink used.

Types of Clothing That Can Be Designed Using Screen Printing

Any clothing item can be screen printed. You can print designs on t-shirts, shirts, caps, hoodies, sweatshirts, and many more. Screen printing t shirts are a common trend these days. 

Certain materials are not easy to print. The composition of a material can affect printing. You should pick the perfect clothing material to get the best printing design.

Types of Clothing That Can Be Designed Using Screen Printing

What Are The Best Designs For Screen Printing?

When it comes to screen printing, you can get numerous appealing prints. But if you’ll stick to a few colors, it’ll be the best option. As different color needs different stencils and a different screen. Therefore it’s better to use fewer colors.

You can use both warm and gradient colors. Requirements are different for both.

Screen Printing is the best option for you if you’re using colors less than 4.

How To Select The File For Your Design?

We make the design with the help of stencils. For printing, designers prefer vector files. It should be from Adobe Illustrator.

You can ask your graphic designer to know the type of file. The fonts are converted to outlines. Vector files are required for apparel and promotional printing. A vector file is a mathematical formula that is read by the computer.

Avoid using high-quality PNGs. This can result in blurry or grainy print.

Final Takeaways

These were the things that you should know about printing services. You can get customized t-shirts for your business, campaign, social media, etc. You can use these clothing items to increase brand awareness.

In one go, you can get 20 runs of screen printing. It is one of the most cost-effective ways. You can design a customized t-shirt very swiftly. It takes around three weeks to complete the process. You can contact an expert printing press if you want it urgently.

There are several printing businesses in the market. You can select one depending on your requirements.