Everything You Need To Know About Water Operator

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Are you looking for a certified water operator near you? Do you want to know how they work? Do you want to know what rose they have in supplying safe and clean water? In this article, you will get to know everything about a water operator. Water operators too have an important role to play towards society in maintaining their good health. And the day executed this by contributing and supplying safe and clean water for everyday use.

Water being the most important resource is renewable but also is limited. This is where we need to take action to save a non-replaceable resource for future generations. And this could be achieved by using the available quantity of water conservatively. We can also do so by treating the used water and reusing it again. Yes, it is possible and this is where the role of the water treatment plant operator comes into play.

Who Is A Water Operator?

Water operators are individuals or you can say public servants who provide their services to society like operating and maintaining a water treatment plant or water supply system. Ideally, they work with a selection of capacities of water in water treatment, distribution, collection, and also wastewater as well.

There are multiple water resources in and around, that help the people living around to satisfy their need for water. Therefore it is necessary that the water operator should be certified one and not a water thief. They maintain all the equipment and undertake necessary measures to monitor the water supply in their specific locality. They also look into the factors affecting the water when it is allowed to move from the distribution point after water treatment.

The Roles of Water Operator

The main role of a water operator or a water treatment plant operator is to run the equipment, control the processes, and also monitor the water treatment plant.

Here are mentioned some of the specific roles or duties that a water operator has to execute. Have a look at them

  • They inspect the instruments used at the water treatment plant regularly.
  • They operate the instruments used to clean and purify the water and also dispose of the sewage.
  • They add chemicals like ammonia, chlorine, lime, and other chemicals used in water disinfection.
  • They can also collect water samples to check the level of purity and palatability.
  • Water operators clean and maintain the equipment, water tanks, filter beds, and other areas of the water treatment plant.
  • They make sure that all the laws are fulfilled in relation to water treatment and supply.
  • The safety and security of their customers and those living in and around the water treatment plant is their utmost priority.


It is a difficult task to bring water from the natural reservoirs into our taps and so difficult is the treatment of wastewater and bringing it back into use. This is well managed by water operators. Water operators work for the government and for the people.